Our jewellery is made from recycled raw metals and materials.                                For specifics and instructions for the care of your pieces please see below. 



We use 100% recycled sterling silver. Sterling silver is a silver alloy containing 92.5% silver - and 7.5% other metals - in this our case copper.

Exposure to acidity, moisture and chemicals can cause discolouration in sterling silver - this can be easily treated with a polishing cloth.

Be wary of what your silver jewellery comes in contact with - chlorine, perfume and beauty products might catalyse a reaction.

Silver can also oxidise - especially when not being used. Wearing your jewellery regularly can prevent oxidisation, as the oils on your skin may clean and protect the metal. When storing your jewellery - use an airtight container - like a zip-lock bag.




Brass, like silver, is sensitive to acidity, moisture and some chemicals. It is best to prevent your brass jewellery coming in contact with moisture. 


If discolouration or tarnish occurs - use a polishing cloth.


To prevent oxidisation - keep your brass jewellery in an airtight container.


Some of our pieces come oxidised. Oxidation will often become lighter with continuous wear.  If you would like to reduce the original oxidation - use water and a polishing cloth. If you use polish or silver cleaner on an oxidised piece, you will remove the patina and the piece will return to a bright state. If you'd like to re-oxidise your piece, please get in touch,  I can re-oxidise your piece for you for a small fee.