There is no more profound gift than a unique piece of jewellery, designed exclusively for an individual. My passion is collaborating with you to make custom and bespoke pieces that are distinctive, precious and tailored precisely to your needs.

I have made engagement and wedding rings to bond partners, gifts to protect travelling friends, pieces to capture the magic of new love, pieces to heal, guide and protect woman and men – as they enter new chapters in life.

My process for making custom/bespoke pieces is flexible and fun. First, approach me with an idea either through email, on the phone or in person (my favourite). It can be wild, bold, and unique. It can be confused, and hidden in stories and feelings. It can be abstracted and uncertain, or clear and detailed. I’ll ask you some questions, and throw some ideas, images and sketches at you. This cycle will continue for as long as it takes – our ideas feeding into each other – until we have a suitable design.

Alternatively, with a small amount of information – I’m happy to design and hand-make a unique and expressive piece on your behalf that is tailored totally to you.